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Network Factory 2013: Networks, Information Science and Social Media

Networks are ubiquitous and the scientific discipline of network science has flourished in the last decade. As a means to study complex interactions, two particular application areas are social and information science. On the one hand side, the www as a pool of hyper-linked information can be represented with the help of networks (and this representation is the basis for google’s Page-rank algorithm), on the other hand side services like facebook, twitter or flickr provide the means for people to establish social networks of never-seen size – and hence provide the basis for what is now called computational sociology.

The scope of this this summer school is to provide PhD students and early PostDocs with a comprehensive 1-week insight into the “power of networks” in an information science and social media setting. In Six to nine lectures, established and well-known researchers (from Europe, US and Asia) will present cutting-edge research as well as provide the participants with valuable insight into challenges and methods.

The Summer School will take place from 10th to 15th June in Höllviken (south of Sweden, 1h by train from Copenhagen, Denmark), right after NetSci 2013.Funded by NNNS, the Nordic Network of Network Scientists, the Summer School is free of charge for scholarly participants from the nordic countries.  Participants from Nordic universities have precedence over participants from elsewhere, but we expect there will be places over so everyone is invited to apply. The fee for non-nordic participants (basically covering accommodation and catering) is 500 Euro.

The registration is open!